Explaining the Appeal of Putlocker Is Quite Unnecessary

Reported by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) as a major threat to their livelihoods because it serves as a central piracy hub like the Pirate Bay torrent site, Put Locker has been put on notice by places like the United Kingdom for allowing the pirating of copyrighted content. Like Mega Upload before it, the putlockers movie 2016 web address has been blocked in certain places and was put to rest (albeit temporarily). What’s more, its domain address changed multiple times. Currently, at the time of this writing, the most recent seizure was the domain URL of putlockers.ch, which was suspended under the orders of the Luxembourg court then had its ownership transferred to the EuroDNS instead. This was all done for the sake of safeguarding copyrighted content from being uploaded to Putlocker again and again.

The War Against Piracy Continues

1. The war against piracy continues, which means that sites like Put Locker, Mega Upload, and Pirate Bay will always end up on the wrong end of a DMCA take down order. However, on the other hand, they’ve found loopholes and ways to allow for completely free pirating of content they don’t necessarily own. The thing about these sites is that they’re mostly advertised as file storage sites rather than as a means of pirating content.

2. However, they end up becoming a means of piracy regardless, the same way peer-to-peer sharing sites like Napster and Kazaa just happened to become the number one way to pirate and distribute MP3s of copyrighted songs, much to the dismay of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). This time around, Pirate Bay and Put Locker are more of a scourge against the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

3. In the past, digital piracy was discouraged even with the advent of the home video camera by making the subsequent copies of recordings on magnetic tape media (like cassette tapes and VHS tapes) intentionally become worse after each copy is made (the master copy is better than the copy of it, and every succeeding copy of a copy becomes worse and worse). This isn’t the case with digital copies, which has second and third generation files end up as perfect as the original.


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